Consequentialism & Fasting.

Day 6 of 29.

I am tired.

I can barely type this out. I feel so drained. This is the first time since Ramadan began 6 days ago that I am feeling so exhausted.

I am an energetic individual so moments like this can get frustrating. But its a reminder, just as everything else is, to pace myself.

This is a month of reflection. With it comes its trials and tribulations. The highs and the lows.

Yesterday I barely noticed I was fasting. Today I have been counting the hours. The pain in my stomach has increased as the day has progressed.

Walking is difficult as is talking.

But in one hour I will eat. A reminder that I am fortunate. Blessed. Unlike those who have no promise of a full course home cooked meal.

This is discipline. To train your mind to control its urges. To push yourself so you are in total control. 

This is not just about deprivation of food. It never was. Its a test of will. Of principle. Of faith.

It will build my spirit for the days when I need to be resiliant, persistant and steadfast.

So I carry on. I endure the pains. Because it is temporary. The result makes it worth the while. 

For me today reminds me of my own mantra. If you want something in life…you have to fight for it. You have to strive. You have to work hard. You have to sacrifice. You have to feel the pain before you get your ease.

 The struggle to reach your utmost potential is ongoing. It never stops. It hurts. But the reward, be it food after an 18 hour fast, or your dream job, is worth it. 

Ramadan is my training ground. I use it to prepare myself for the year ahead. To become a more stronger, more determined and a more ambitious woman. 

So today, I must be a consequentialist. 

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