A day in the life of… 

Todays schedule:

2am: Woke for the pre dawn meal. Ate some oats, fruit & drank a glass of water. I can’t even remember what I said to my husband or if I even spoke. 

3am: Pray Fajr (morning prayer) and sleep

6.30/7am: My 10 month old wakes me up, shortly after my eldest walks in to the bedroom to announce that she is awake. My son strolls in after.

7.30-8am: hubby leaves for work. The morning shift begins..breakfast for all 3 & get them ready for the day

9.30am: we go to the park to burn off my son’s excess energy. I bump into a friend who tells me Ramadan is difficult with kids. 

11.30am: we leave the park. The kids are hungry. Its lunchtime

12.30pm: Lunch is done, time for the baby to nap. The elder two get out their work books and study for a while

1.30pm: time for Zuhr (mid day prayer) the kids play out. I do the chores quickly conscious that the baby will awake soon.

2pm: Imaan awakes. She is screaming for food. I quickly put together a snack for her and she quietens down.

3pm: we draw, play with toys, our neighbours daughter pops round.

3:30pm: the kids are hungry again I make kebab sandwiches. The icecream van rocks up. We chase him down the street.

4pm: I switch the telly on for the kids. Put the baby down for another nap. Fireman Sam blasts through my ears. I call my sister round. I go through my emails, send replies and check the news. 

6pm: my husband returns from work. Baby wakes up. And evening routine begins

7pm: we pray Asr (late afternoon prayer) together. The kids have dinner and we go through what the kids have done today and mark their behaviour charts, made specially for Ramadan.

8pm: bedtime for the kids.  I begin writing today’s blog. 

We will at:

9pm: start getting our meal to break our fast ready. 

9.30pm: pray and eat. 

10-11:15- drink tea, gorge my face with chocolate and relax. Pray and sleep. 

Friends and family have asked me how I am finding Ramadan now that I have 3 kids and am on mat leave. 

My reply: I am so busy I barely remember that I am fasting until I sit down and the fatigue hits. But I am grateful because I have noticed the kids are sympathetic. Also so glad that my day is packed, it means I have less time to think about my empty belly. 

Strangely normally I have to eat/snack every two hours to keep my energy levels up. But I think my mental and physical state is stronger because I know I am fasting so have to keep persisting with the day ahead of me. 

Anyway until tomorrow when its a repeat of all of the above with some modifications. 

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