Ramadan Ruminations.

This week Imaan learnt how to climb the stairs and pull herself up to a standing position. The look of accomplishment on her face amazed me. 

And then I remembered something one of my mentors told me early on…always give yourself a target. Something you can tick off at the end of each and every day. It is vital for personal development. 

So Ramadan is here. Our first fast is over. WELL DONE. For me that in itself is an accomplishment cz I eat every 2 hours. 

But I have decided this Ramadan I am going to set myself daily targets. Nothing too hard. Just things I wasn’t doing before. 
For me a big thing is patience. I am really hoping to work on that each day this month. To just monitor myself and acknowledge the points at which I snap. 

It takes a month to break a habit and a month to form good ones.

I have found in previous years, if I enter Ramadan overzealously, I crash and burn by week 2. So this year I have decided to pace myself and take it slow. To actually set realistic targets I know I will be able to achieve. That’s not to say it won’t be a challange. Just a more practical one.

Ramadan, if used effectively, can be a monumental month of self growth. Remember God says, fasting is not just starving yourself, it is so much more then that. Plus you don’t need to fast to reap the benefits of this month. You can still set yourself targets. 

1 down…29 to go.

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